DMOZ Editor Account bei Ebay zu verkaufen – auch aus Ihrem Blog zu entnehmen –verkauft bei Ebay einen Editorzugang zu einer PR 5 Kategorie im DMOZ Verzeichnis.

In der Auktion steht: is selling the Editorship for a Google-Page-Rank 5 Category page in – The Open Directory

Why? Because the DMOZ is corrupt. They know they have power and they don’t want to relinquish it to people like you.

6. What do you mean “The DMOZ is corrupt?”

Editors change the URLs of the links to domains freequently to make sure they don’t rank well. One week it will be the next will be the next will have a „/“ after it, sometimes they will even direct it to Because both the age of a link and the exact link location are important to Google, changing this information will hurt the ranking of the listing.

9. Can I make money as a DMOZ editor?

People understand that the DMOZ is corrupt and will often attempt to bribe you. When you are with a corporate client, you can easily charge $1,000 or more for a DMOZ listing. It is both that important and extremely difficult to get listed.

Schon harter Tobak, aktuell steht die Auktion bei 114,50 $ und läuft noch 9 Tage, ich wage aber zu bezweifeln das Sie es bis zum Ende schafft.

–> Update: … und wech isse bei ebay … This listing (5626578939) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available.

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