All eggs in one Google shopping basket

eCommerce Unternehmen – mit hohem PLA Ad Anteil:

Liebes Google, gerade habe ich eine Meldung bekommen, dass alle meine Shopping Ads aus Policy-Gründen suspendiert und abgeschaltet wurden. Leider gab es zu dieser Meldung keine weiteren Hinweise.

Google so:

I hope this email finds you well, thank you for contacting Google! My name is John and I will be the Google Online Specialist taking care of the case about your suspended Merchant Center account.
I have taken a look into the account and your website and couldn’t find any reason for the account to be disapproved. I have now sent this forward to the policy team that will take a look. As soon as I have an answer I will contact you again. 
Danach – Stille.

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